Saturday, August 01, 2015

Decisions, decisions...

I'm trying to decide whether to continue paying to keep online.

The quarterly bill is due the middle of this month, and this month has a lot of extra expenses I need money for. I'll need to decide before the bill comes due.

I have reproduced all the pages here at the blog, so they wouldn't exactly be lost, but all the links to pages on the website which I have put different places over the years would be dead- including those in all the blog posts here. Plus, the link to this blog would revert back to what it was before it was "", which would cause more trouble and confusion.

I average just under 100 visits per day at

Is it worth keeping online? I don't really know.

Weigh in with your thoughts.


Nip it in the bud, or look where it leads

I've been watching the show "Hell on Wheels" on Netflix. It's pretty violent, but mostly enjoyable- although there are several nasty characters I want to see die horribly.

Anyway, an episode I watched recently really got my hackles up. In it a very small group of "government" shows up and kills (hangs) a guy for shooting a card cheat.

This government is outnumbered, no one present (other than them) believes the guy deserves what they are doing to him, but everyone just stands by and lets them get away with it. The "execution" could have been stopped if even one person had the courage or principles to stop it.

Sure, it's fiction, but it illustrates the problem pretty accurately: The Tiny Dot ruling everyone else.

I just think that if every time some bullies moved in and said "We are government- you are now going to obey us" they had been shot (speared, knifed, clubbed, eaten, pushed over a cliff, etc.) for their act of aggression (make no mistake, attempting to establish a government IS an act of aggression), this cancer now eating away at civilization would never have gotten a toehold.

It's now too late to nip it in the bud, and that's going to cause a lot of trouble in the future.


Friday, July 31, 2015

Today’s rules violate natural law

Today’s rules violate natural law

(My Clovis News Journal column for July 31, 2015)

I don’t want the “law” applied to everyone equally, not when the “law” violates rightful liberty. What I want is for no one to have their liberty violated by any law whatsoever.

If one neighbor is being harassed for the height of her grass, and another — who has the right connections — is being ignored, I don’t want the one with connections to be molested, too. I want the rest...


Thursday, July 30, 2015

Self trust

I have seen many pathetic excuses for anti-gun "laws" and attitudes, but one of the most pitiful is the "I don't trust myself" excuse.

I've known people who said they "shouldn't be allowed" to drive or carry a gun, because they get too angry and would hurt someone.

Seems like in this case, it isn't the car or gun that is the problem- it is the anger issues and the lack of self control to avoid aggressively acting out on that anger. It's also pretty clear to me that if a person can't be trusted, the tool they possess doesn't matter. If a person can't be trusted with a gun, they can't be trusted with a car, or a hammer, or a job, or around kids, or... well, they can't be trusted- period.

However, what I have usually found is that when one of those "untrustworthy" people actually starts carrying a gun, the self control takes root and starts to grow. Expect nothing, and that's what you'll usually get. Expect responsibility, and it has a chance to develop. The hothead either learns to control it, or they end up in "legal trouble" or dead. With dead being the preferable outcome in that case.

I'm sure not everyone would develop self control and responsibility, though. Maybe even in those hopeless cases it would be good for those people to arm themselves and let the problem solve itself. Darwinization works- it's just that, unfortunately, the irresponsible among us do sometimes take some decent people with them. Which is why I learned to avoid certain people.


Wednesday, July 29, 2015

"Soft statists" and the irredeemable statists

I have nothing but contempt for "government" and those who support it.

Well, that's not quite true.

I have a lot of pity for most "soft statists"- the people who are just statists because no one has ever expected more of them. The ones who are what they are because it's the "culture" they grew up in, and no one ever pointed out to them how inconsistent and hypocritical it is. And how it doesn't work because it can't work- new "laws" are clear evidence of this. They can be reached, with opportunity,  time, and patience.

I also have pity for elderly statists who can't seem to change a lifetime of indoctrination at this late date. They can't be reached, and do a lot of damage, but their time is running out.

My contempt is reserved for those who have been shown the nature of statism and still won't reject the evil. They've been shown a better way and still refuse to grow up. Those who look for any objection they can muster to keep stealing and committing acts of enforcement- or asking others to commit those acts of their behalf. And, yes, I realize a lot of it is grounded in cowardice- due to them being afraid to take responsibility for their own life. Or imagining horrible outcomes of Rightful Liberty while glossing over horrible outcomes of statism which are occurring all around them right now- no speculation required.

So, contempt and pity for statists. Pity for those never given the chance to reject statism, and contempt for those who have been shown better and still refuse to grow up.


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Not in best interest to be disarmed

Not in best interest to be disarmed

(My Clovis News Journal column for June 26, 2015)

Once again a group of disarmed people has fallen victim to a murderer. Peaceful, friendly people attending church, while convinced by "authority" to be sitting ducks, welcomed the murderer into their midst and were gunned down. Words can't convey how evil that premeditated act was.

The blood dancing monsters of the various "gun control" groups, more honestly referred to as "mass murder cheerleaders"- and governments- have blamed the people who didn't commit the murder, and sought to violate the innocent for the hideous acts of a thug. The president lies by claiming this doesn't happen in other countries to convince people to demand to be disarmed.

The truth is an attack can come anywhere at any time. Even where you feel safe. Those attacks are more likely to be attempted- and to succeed- in places where people have been forbidden from carrying guns.

Yes, that's right. Every single "no guns" sign you see, such as at the mall here, is going to be completely ignored by anyone whose mind is made up to murder. If obeyed at all, it will only be obeyed by people who have no murderous intent. People who are already plotting to break the supreme law and commit murder won't hesitate breaking a rule forbidding guns on premises. Even if there are metal detectors at the door, the bad guy will just go in shooting rather than waiting until he is inside.

A "no guns" sign or policy only weeds out the people who might stand between a mass murder and his targets. Instead of enhancing safety, it sacrifices it on the altar of appearances. A "no guns" sign is a warning that your life doesn't matter at all to the property owners.

Anti-gun mouthpieces blame the guns. Racists blame race problems. The superstitious blame a flag. Some even blame the victims for not ignoring the rule and arming themselves anyway. The observant notice the medications the vast majority of mass murderers have been prescribed. Too few blame the murderer.

I am glad to see some people responding to this latest attack by promising if something like this is attempted again, they will shoot back. Maybe they remember Luke 22:36-- "[H]e that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one." Today's sword is the personal firearm. It's terrible it took this attack to inspire them to take responsibility for their own safety, but better late than never.

No one ever disarms you with your best interests in mind. Anyone wanting to disarm you, under any pretext, is your mortal enemy. If you cooperate you are only offering yourself as a sacrifice to their scheme.


"Mandatory" is the deal-breaker

A while back I signed an online petition against mandatory vaccinations.
I am not "anti-vaccines"; I am anti-mandatory vaccines. And just about anything else, too.

Well, today, the "White House" sta...

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Here, have a tiny slice of "liberty"

Liberty doesn't work very well in a piecemeal fashion.

You can't end the foolishness of borders until you end the foolishness of "entitlements".
And anti-gun bigotry.
And "laws" which violate the right of association.
And rules which violate private property rights- which include "anti-immigration laws".

This isn't an excuse to avoid Rightful Liberty- it is a call to abolish all statism immediately, rather than in baby steps. Because baby steps don't work well- as lingering statism always gets in the way, and seems to verify the statist claim that Liberty can't work.

It's like all the other things that don't work well when sliced up. For example, let me get out a bandsaw and slice 4 inches off the left side of my laptop to give to a needy kid, so he can have some computer. You and I both know, in that case, neither of us would have any computer.

That's why, unfortunately for the "pragmatists", liberty is always all or nothing.


Monday, July 27, 2015

Bad guys should suffer

People who do evil things- initiate force or violate private property- deserve to suffer. Right then. Sometimes they suffer at the hands of State employees. I am not opposed to that necessarily, as long as it isn't delayed, but happens during the attack, bringing it to an end.

I see depending on tax junkies to bring consequences as unnecessary and a poor substitute for justice.

When a murderer is on trial or in prison, he is probably suffering somewhat. And that is OK. But there are so many better ways- ways which don't also make the innocent suffer through the commission of "law" enforcement or theft/"taxation".
Ways where you don't end up punishing the wrong guy for something someone else did.
Ways which can't be used against political prisoners.
Ways where the collection of evildoers known as The State don't come out ahead, regardless of the verdict.

If the suffering is due to punishment- especially after testimony of government employees, in a government church (courtroom), in front of a government employee, awaiting imprisonment in a government cage (including those so-called "private prisons") then, while I agree bad guys should suffer, I can't get behind that method.


Sunday, July 26, 2015

Disregard for others

Total disregard for others irritates me.

I am not talking about "offending" others, but doing things that are likely to be harmful. Often intentionally.

  • Walking in front of moving cars because seeing the fear on a driver's face amuses you- as I have heard teens discussing doing for "fun". 

  • Breaking glass bottles where you know kids play. 

  • Scattering gravel, intentionally, on a concrete surface knowing it is likely to make people slip and fall.

And that applies also to actual drunk driving (not what enforcers generally find and punish as "drunk driving", but real drunk driving).

Things done because you either simply don't care what happens to other people- maybe you tell yourself they deserve it- or because you enjoy knowing people will be hurt.

Some people use folks like these as reasons they say a free society can never work. Yet, if a police state prevented this, why is it happening?

Nothing will ever make a perfect world. The innocent will always need to be defended. Bad guys will always need to be defended against. Property will always be violated. But why support a "system" where these abuses are institutionalized rather than seen for what they are?

Support for the state is also total disregard for others. It's like dumping garbage in people's living rooms on a massive scale. More damaging than any of the examples I gave above.

Polluting my life and the lives of those around me with your filthy, aggressive bullies wearing their silly State costumes, is a horrible way to behave toward others.


Saturday, July 25, 2015

Disgusting cowards

I get really disappointed by the disingenuousness of people.

They'll say they "respect" libertarian ideas- and then show they don't even slightly "get it".

They'll confuse the Libertarian Party for libertarians, or- horrors- mistake "Constitutionalism" for libertarianism. Even worse than that are those who equate libertarian for "conservative", rather than realizing they are opposites- just as "liberal/progressive" is also the polar opposite of libertarian.

They'll claim they like libertarian ideas, but then hide from the truth of those ideas. They want a watered down version they can feel safe with. One that doesn't touch their beloved slavery and theft, and one that doesn't point out that their heroes are parasitic vermin. One that doesn't upset the status quo.

In other words, they "like" a "libertarianism" which rejects libertarianism.

They'll complain endlessly about the consequences that happen directly because of belief in "authority" and of rejecting the only possible ethical life- living in Rightful Liberty (while missing the fact that this is why what they complain about occurs)- but are too scared to actually do anything meaningful about it.

Those people make me sick.


Friday, July 24, 2015

Taking flag doesn’t stop beliefs

Taking flag doesn’t stop beliefs

(My Clovis News Journal column for July 24, 2015)

Silly fights over the Confederate flag — actually the Confederate Navy Jack- are still being waged weeks after an evil mass murderer was seen holding it in photographs. The real issue, aggression, gets pushed aside by a non-issue: a the rest...


Thursday, July 23, 2015

Cure cowardice- don't coddle it

A while back, on a Facebook post about "gun laws", someone was going off against "open carry"- saying all mass murderers "open carried" immediately before their murder spree, so it's not unreasonable for people to be fearful when seeing someone open carrying. So, open carry, according to this commenter, is "terrorizing".


I am sorry some people are cowards, but why should I live my life for their comfort?

The guy got angry over my attitude and wrote "Yes Kent my three daughters are 'cowards.' How dare them or my wife get scared at people walking around in public with AR-15s. What a stupid comment"

Sorry- or not- but it's true. If his daughters or wife are scared by armed people, they are cowards. Instead of coddling (and probably feeding) their cowardice, he should do the responsible thing and encourage them to overcome their fears with knowledge and preparation.

This guy would probably not fear the people most likely to attack his loved ones while open carrying. And that's just insane.


Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Polishing a bully

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Rules, legitimate and otherwise

At mountainman rendezvous the one rule you can always count on is "Nothing visible in camp which wasn't invented until after 1840". The rule is so standard that it is often shortened to "Pre-1840 rules apply".

There is some leeway given for medical necessity. Modern glasses frames might be frowned upon, but no one is likely to rip them off your face and stomp them. A rendezvous is, after all, an armed society, and we all know how polite those are.

If a person is making an effort, people will not usually push the issue. Don't carry around beer in a can, but pour it into a tin cup... cover your camera with a bit of deer skin or a canvas bag... if you sleep on an air mattress, cover the thing with canvas, a wool blanket, or a buffalo robe if it can be seen through the open door of your shelter... leave the cigarettes in your lodge, smoke a clay pipe if you need to smoke... things like that. And, for goodness sake, no plastic!

Of course, some people are compelled to see what they can get away with. They'll bring something invented before 1840, but not seen in the mountains until decades later- just because it's technically permitted. Some people ignore the rules, even after being "reminded". Occasionally, the non-compliant will be kicked out of camp.

I like the rule. I know it exists before I decide to attend. If I am not willing to live by the rule, I can choose to stay home or go somewhere else.

I wouldn't impose this rule on society, saying that if you choose to stay, you must live by this rule- staying implies consent. Nor would I claim if I managed to impose the rule before you were born, being born here means you have implicitly agreed to the rule.

It's the same with other onerous rules that I didn't agree to.

This includes your Constitution, anti-gun "laws", prohibition, "taxes", etc.

I never agreed to those rules. Neither did most other people. They were imposed. They are said to apply from now on- or until the "authorities" change them. No leeway for necessity is usually given unless you are a member of "the club". Reminders are at the point of a gun.

This isn't civilized. It is the opposite of a society. Take your rules and ... well, you know the rest.


Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The lie matters because of politics

The lie matters because of politics

(My Clovis News Journal column for June 19, 2015)

The rather disturbed president of the Spokane, Washington, NAACP chapter is exposed as a liar by her parents, and it makes national news and causes an uproar.

Why does her lie matter to anyone outside her club? Race only matters to racists. Worse lies are told every day by people using those lies to harm innocent people they don’t even know.

Judges, police, politicians, and bureaucrats lie in the course of the job, and people refuse to notice until it harms them, personally.

Judges lie when they instruct a jury to consider only the law and their instructions, rather than considering whether the law is a legitimate law or a power grab by the State.

Police lie and say they are all that stands between society and chaos, even while being caught on video planting evidence, shooting people in the back, kicking women in the face, and offering to forget infractions in exchange for sexual favors.

Politicians lie when they offer you a choice between different brands of slavery, but leave real liberty off the table. They lie when they make campaign promises and when they utter the words "crisis", "national security", or "for the children".

Bureaucrats lie when they make up rules and call them "laws" and say you are obligated to obey. They lie when they claim you need this or that permit or license.

All the above lie when they call themselves "public servants" while meaning to be your masters.

In light of all this lying, why is anyone making a big deal over a woman pretending to belong to a race she doesn't?

Because of politics. If you remove politics from the equation it wouldn't matter to anyone outside her personal sphere what she imagines herself to be. As it is, it only matters because silly racists have dreamed up "laws" to treat people differently based upon their "race".

The claim is that the "laws" remove the obstacles society has erected, but if you've been paying attention you know that isn't how it actually works. In the name of "social justice", anti-social injustice has been institutionalized, and for this reason an insignificant woman's racial fantasy seems to matter.

I don't claim her lie was innocent. The NAACP has the right to kick her out for her deception. Remove politics from the situation and, without the reward of special status the group seeks for themselves, there would probably have been no incentive for her to lie to them, and no one besides the club members she deceived would have ever heard her name. Then it would be very unlikely for her lie to harm anyone at all.


Discover the ZAP for yourself

(Previously posted to Patreon)

The number/concept "zero" wasn't invented, it was discovered. It had been there all along, undiscovered. Unnoticed. Without having discovered it, much of science was impossible to really do, and much of reality was impossible to understand.

So it is with Zero Aggression Principle and property rights. No one invented the concepts- they were independently discovered many times- by many, mostly anonymous, individuals- throughout history.

Without those features of reality, humans suffer needlessly. Without them, bad guys flourish and prosper. With them, civilization happens.

People may complain that "zero" is "nothing"- only an imaginary thing dreamed up inside the head of people who think about such things. You can't "see it" or touch it. Maybe. But it's still real and necessary.

So it is with the only civilized ways to interact with other people: living by the ZAP and respecting their property rights.

You can deny it, fight it, ridicule it... and it is still there. It would be there even if no one had yet discovered it.



Monday, July 20, 2015

Don't doom yourself to failure

Any plan that hinges on changing other people will fail. It will lead to frustration and, quite possibly, anger.

It's why "restore the Constitution", "learn to use the law", and "remember to say these words" are hopeless fantasies for increasing liberty. It is wishful thinking bordering on magical thinking.

It's also why the ZAP and Rightful Liberty work- you are responsible for yourself. Any change needed is inside you. And since you are the only person you can change...

Perhaps by changing yourself, others will be influenced. If not, you have still changed for the better. You will see the world differently. You will have a new way of acting and reacting. You will be a better person.


Sunday, July 19, 2015

Statist lies vs the reality

Worthless opinions

I'm talking about mine.

Believe it or not, you don't know my opinions on most things. Because they are only opinions and don't matter. Maybe they aren't exactly worthless, but they are completely irrelevant to anyone but me.

My favorite color, the breeds of dog I dislike, what I prefer to drink... those are opinions. There is no "right" opinion on those things, nor is there a "wrong" opinion. Probably most of the people closest to me wouldn't even know my opinions on those- unless they have asked or tried to rope me into something.

Opinions are only opinions. Everyone has a lot of them.

But some things I know.

Liberty is better than slavery and that is not an opinion.


Saturday, July 18, 2015

Two different approaches

I noticed a difference in approaches recently, between the statist approach and the voluntaryist approach when faced with the same issue.

There is a gazebo at the park near the house. It has a concrete floor, which catches water from the sprinkler system that waters the grass. The sprinkler comes on often enough to keep a puddle on the floor most of the time. The puddle grows a slimy layer on the concrete.

My daughter loves to play in the gazebo. When she was little she could never resist running through the puddle, and each and every time she did- without fail- she would slip and fall. She would get dirty and wet and be very upset about it.

So, I got in the habit of reminding her every time she was heading for the gazebo: "If you run through the water, you will probably slip and fall!" (No, she never remembered once she got there.)

Well, a few days ago she and another kid were once again heading over to run around in the gazebo- and there was a slimy puddle on the floor. I overheard her telling the kid :"Don't run through the water!"

And, then it struck me. That's the main difference between trying to control someone else, and warning someone of probable consequences. The difference between the statist approach and the Rightful Liberty approach.


Friday, July 17, 2015

Government real chickens here

Government real chickens here

(My Clovis News Journal column for July 17, 2015- I don't write the headlines, so I didn't misspell the word in this one. Just sayin'...)

Once upon a time, responsible people raised their own food — gardens and livestock — at home.

Then bad guys who found it too dangerous to be roving bullies formed governments so they could control and loot the production of others, usually in return for claimed protection from others exactly like them, in relative safety. Short-sighted people allowed those bullies to live. the rest...


Thursday, July 16, 2015

Being nothing

Several times in my life I've encountered people who seem compelled to tell me "you're nothing".

Which is interesting, since I don't remember claiming to be "something" more than what I am- which is me. Whatever others may decide to call me is their business. You may or may not like me, but that's just how it is.

Years ago in the town where I was commonly known as "The mountainman" (or "the pet store guy", depending on who was talking to/about me) I encountered a drunk who insisted on telling me I didn't measure up. His little toe was more of a mountainman than I could ever be. He kept getting right in my face to tell me exactly what he thought of me- which, since I had never met the guy, really wasn't that important to me. His little yappy long-haired lapdog was a "real mountain dog" according to Mr. VaporBreath. I just kept saying "OK. If you say so." (As an aside, this is one of the few times I ever pulled out a gun in preparation to use in self defense- although he wasn't aware I had done so. I was almost certain he was going to attack any moment as he got angrier and angrier- but he suddenly calmed down and left.)

Online I have had people tell me I am not a "real libertarian" or "real anarchist" because I'm not shooting bullies, or sitting in jail. Or moving to Somalia.

It seems that whatever I get a reputation for, someone is just waiting to try to tell me I'm "nothing".

And, I used to care a little, but less and less all the time.

I've never claimed to be perfect. I don't suggest you follow me. I'll tell you what I think I should be doing- maybe I'll measure up... maybe I won't. But I know where I should be. And, yes, I'll probably judge your actions according to what I think is right. But why concern yourself over my approval?

You'll probably not get me into much of a battle trying to convince you I am what you say I'm not. Instead, I'll just go out there and be myself. I'll let my actions speak for me- and either prove you right or wrong.


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Demanding entitlement drones

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Police culture

The police have a "culture". An uncultured culture of entitlement and brutality.

An aggressive gang culture where they cover up the evil actions of their gang "brothers" and "sisters".

A whiny culture where if they don't get the groveling respect they believe they are entitled to, they'll tell you they hope you or your loved ones get raped and robbed so you'll believe you need them- or they'll do it to you themselves.

Or kill you.

To me, cops and their culture are completely unacceptable. They are unwelcome in my presence. I can't really understand why anyone tolerates them.

Oh wait... yes I do. Indoctrination, through TV and kinderprison.


Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Ideas, beliefs change with growth

Ideas, beliefs change with growth

(My Clovis News Journal column for June 12, 2015)

Everyone changes their mind as they grow. Almost everything I now believe is because along the way someone, somehow, convinced me I was wrong.

Most of those changes came after a lot of figurative kicking and screaming. I didn't want to accept I could be wrong, and I liked what I believed. It was comfortable, and matched what many around me seemed to believe.

I once held many more "conservative" ideas than I now do. I used to support police and the military- in general. I used to support the War on Politically Incorrect Drugs. I used to support capital punishment. I used to believe government was necessary for moral society. I used to be fine with the law treating some non-aggressive people as though they had fewer rights than others.

I also used to hold some "liberal" ideas I have since rejected. I used to believe the best way to protect the environment was for government to make up laws telling people what they could and couldn't do with their own property. I used to think government should subsidize electric cars and penalize people who drove gasoline cars. I thought littering or polluting should be a capital crime- OK, I may be slightly exaggerating on that one (but not by much). I used to support a minimum wage, and laws against child labor.

I even used to wonder if the gun ban crowd might be right; maybe guns were too dangerous for people to own and carry.

Of course, I thought I believed in freedom and I believed I was consistent. Now, it is embarrassing and painful to even remember entertaining those ideas, and agony to admit them publicly.

Sure, I always had some doubts that government was as great as many people said, and my observations seemed to indicate it wasn't just the particular person in office which was the problem, but the existence of the position itself. I also noticed the results of laws, programs, and agencies were usually the exact opposite of the purported goal. For years I clung to my comfortable beliefs in spite of these observations. Like so many, I supported freedom for things I liked, but not for things I didn't, and ignored the inconsistency.

Then I began to really think and those inconsistencies began to fall away.

There are still details people I look up to disagree with me on. I consider their points, but if they don't hold up I stand my ground.

I am more likely to be convinced by logic, reason, and consistency than by emotionalism. I'm sure more changes are to come. What convinces you to change your mind?

(One thing I was thinking about, which didn't make it into the column, is that those advocating Liberty never threatened me to change my mind. Those advocating statism of one sort or another never took any other way.)


Choices and shame and who cares?

A while back I saw where someone had said that even suggesting "homosexuality is a choice" is "homophobic".

That is crazy.

If anyone says it either never, or always, is a choice they are lying. No one knows that either way. I suspect it is sometimes genetic, beyond choice, and other times is a choice. If someone is pushing one or the other as the only truth it is because they have an agenda, and want "laws" dreamed up depending on how they want reality to be.

Someday, maybe, it will be settled as to whether it is or is not (mainly) a choice.

But who cares?

I am only ashamed of my choices if they are wrong, foolish, or stupid. I am pleased with many of my choices and ashamed of others.

And either way, choice or not, I'm not going to suggest that people be punished for, or "laws" passed against, non-aggressive choices. That would be evil.


Monday, July 13, 2015

"Don't keep harping on it"

If a newspaper or network keeps reporting on those who call themselves "government" doing the same thing over and over, but won't publish criticisms from the intended victims each and every time, isn't that favoritism?

Of course it is.

Sure, I want to know when some bully is threatening to violate me, but to keep criticisms from being heard, on the basis of it being "too repetitive", only helps those bullies get away with it. The criticisms are repetitive only because the violations are repetitive.

The bullies of "government" sometimes (in fact, almost always) keep proposing to violate you in the same way until it finally gets imposed. They keep harping on the issue until they get their way. The media rarely points out that "government" is repetitive in its schemes- but just try to publish a letter to the editor or a column addressing the potential violation each and every time it is proposed or discussed and you'll get shut off. It's like the media is hoping the memory of your rational objections will fade, and the violation will eventually be imposed without anyone speaking up.

It's like the never-ending push for anti-gun "laws". If the bullies don't get their way this month, they'll be back next month with the same "idea". They do the same with their theft proposals.

Take away the soapbox, just like the ballot box and jury box have been taken away, and you leave most people no peaceful recourse. Maybe that's what the media hopes- after all, bloodshed sells papers and attracts viewers.


Sunday, July 12, 2015

Me vs. (some) Dogs

For those who would like to have more things to hate me for, I have a confession: I am a dog killer.

Or, I have been.

So, how can I hold dog-killing cops in contempt if I'm no better than them?

Well, I am better than them; I never killed a dog in its own territory while I was trespassing, but only at my house. And, always in defense of my property.

When I was younger I always had chickens, pheasants, quail, doves, and rabbits in my yard. In a fenced in area, or in pens and cages. I lost a lot of them to neighbors' dogs, who would run in a pack at night, come to my yard, climb over (or under) the fence, tear open the cages, and kill my animals.

That doesn't sit well with me. My animals are my responsibility to protect, and I take that seriously.

But, at first I was nice. I told the neighbors what had happened and asked them to keep their dogs out of my yard. The response I got several times: "That's your problem."

OK, so if it is my problem, I will solve it myself. And I did. One .22 hollowpoint at a time.

It was a short-term solution, as the neighbors would get a replacement as soon as "Fluffy" stopped coming home. One thing I noticed is these dogs weren't loved. Every one of them was so covered in ticks (and fleas) you couldn't see any skin on their faces- they were just an object to their owners, which made me sad even as I shot them.

The permanent solution was so simple I wish I had discovered it years earlier: Wild turkeys.

A friend gave me some 2nd generation wild turkeys her uncle had hatched out. I put them in a pen that adjoined my chicken pen- and I never lost another critter to dogs.

The turkeys were mean. When I went in their pen I had to wear a heavy coat, make sure my hat protected the back of my neck, and carry a shovel for protection. And I still got flogged. In fact, I had to reinforce the wire of the pen near the door to the chicken pen because the tom would attack the wire each time I went in to do any chicken work, and he was ripping the wire.

But I never had to shoot another dog in protection of my livestock again, and that made me happy.

Later, though, I almost shot another neighbor's dog- this time in defense of my older daughter.

She was about 4 years old, playing in the yard, when she started to scream. A neighbor's black lab had her cornered and was barking aggressively at her. I grabbed some rocks and rushed the dog pelting him and yelling. He ran and I chased him home. His owner was outside and started cussing me for chasing his dog. I told him his dog was in my yard, threatening my daughter- and to keep it out of my yard. He said he didn't believe in keeping dogs penned or chained, because it was like his child. I told him my daughter IS my child, and if his dog doesn't stay out of my yard I would shoot it. I also let him know it wasn't the first trouble I had experienced with his dog- it had ripped up a couple of deerskins I was tanning, and my patience was used up.

Somehow the guy managed to find a way to keep the dog out of my yard- or I had scared it enough it didn't come back. Later the guy was complaining to me that the painters working at the restaurant next door to his cabin had pained his dog red. I was thinking if he kept his dog home he wouldn't have had that problem either.

Notice, that neither I nor the dog owners grovelled for the state to step in and solve our problem. I wonder if it would go the same way today.

So that's my confession.


Saturday, July 11, 2015

Don't feel bad about putting bullies in their place

I never want to make people feel bad about things they didn't choose, or things they did choose which are not harming others.

I'm not saying I have never said anything racist, sexist, or mean. I have.

And I feel bad about it, and I intend to not repeat that behavior.

But I don't feel bad about calling people on the carpet for doing evil things. Not all opinions or choices are equally valid, and if your opinions or choices lead to behavior which violates the property or Rightful Liberty of another, you need to feel bad about it.


Friday, July 10, 2015


My Clovis News Journal column will be posted late. The newspaper's site is offline due to a cyberattack/virus. I'll post the link as soon as I can.

The column is in the paper, with another of those headlines that seems completely divorced from the content of the column. Sigh...

Thursday, July 09, 2015

"Politically incorrect"? Or something more hilarious?

Most people who believe they are being "politically incorrect" are actually just being political- and are also incorrect.

And many of them feel very smug while doing so.

It's sort of funny to watch.


Wednesday, July 08, 2015

The answers not offered

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Love Gov

This is a video series I recommend- from Independent Institute. It's funny and truthful.

M only quibble is when they talk about government debt putting an individual (besides the government employees who actually took on the debt) into debt. Not my debt, and not yours either.

Watch all 5 episodes. Really. Number 5 was my favorite, but they are all good.


Don't hire bad guys for something you should do

I have no interest in sending cops after anyone for anything.

 If someone is doing something bad- aggression or property violation- and needs to be stopped, stop them.

 Don't add to the wrong by allowing a gang to exist on theft and aggression to (supposedly) "fight" theft and aggression. That's just insane.


Tuesday, July 07, 2015

City councils radically un-American

City councils radically un-American

(My Clovis News Journal column for June 5, 2015. This is the repeatedly rejected one. The version you'll see at the newspaper site is the editor's version- which really isn't much different, but some. I'll probably find a way to post- somewhere- the original version, along with the reworked one which was rejected that I will post here in its entirety in a month.)

Through observation over my adult life- and especially lately- I have come to a conclusion: city councils are the realm of the petty megalomaniac. Need proof? The publicly stated goal of one such gang in the area recently was to plot to impose "enforceable rules that all residents could be held to".

That city council's stated goal is a sad, perverted goal; harmful and radically anti-American.

It was triggered when some people didn't beg them for permission, and pay the demanded bribe (which is dishonestly called a "permit"), before improving their own property in a way which harmed absolutely no one, and in a way many others have done before.

The only rule needed doesn't have to be written: don't violate the property of others. Nor does it need to be made enforceable. Defend your own property from those who try to violate it. I'll even help.

The only real danger most property owners ever face comes from those who imagine they have the right to enforce rules to control everyone else's property... and their eager quislings. It's that dangerous, superstitious belief in "authority" again.

A legitimate rule would apply only to government employees: "You will not violate, under color of law, the choice of others as to how to use their own property, nor steal property in the name of taxation, permits, and fines".

If any city council wants to legitimize itself, it could abolish all its made-up rules and become nothing more than a social club. It could then make all the rules it wants between its members. That path leads to no glorification or rush of power, though.

Do you consider ObamaCare a problem? It can't damage your rights as badly as local busybodies. You encounter them every day, whereas the vermin in Washington DC or your state capital don't generally notice you unless you first seek them out.

Property codes are not needed. Not everything needs to be controlled. We are fast approaching the day when everything not forbidden is mandatory. And I, for one, refuse to play along.

I don't want you committing enforcement of property-violating rules against my neighbors. I don't want you enforcing your twisted notion of "the common good".

It's time to wrest control of our private property back from those who believe they have a right to make up rules which violate us to feed their communistic hunger. It's time to tell them to knock it off and go away. North Korea seems a good fit for those who lust for ever more government control over every aspect of their neighbors' lives.


The government lamprey

Picture society- or even the individual human- as a fish.
"Government"- or, each and every individual with a government "job"- is a lamprey.

You, supporting the local cop/teacher/judge/"government" employee

The consequences of your support

A devastating parasite feeding on the productive people. In no way "necessary" for the well-being of the society or individual they feed off of.

"Government" is piggybacking on civilization. It is nothing but a useless feeder, which has somehow convinced its victims that it is the one feeding and supporting them.


Monday, July 06, 2015

Truth will make itself known

Lysander Spooner:
If two individuals enter into a contract to commit trespass, theft, robbery or murder upon a third, the contract is unlawful and void, simply because it is a contract to violate natural justice, or men’s natural rights.” (h/t Bill Buppert)

Which is what I have been saying: 
"No contract which by its very nature violates Rightful Liberty can ever be valid. You are not obligated to abide by it and you are not a bad guy merely by breaking it." (link)
I had never read this quote of Spooner's before. Yet I came up with the same principle simply by thinking about a question. I have seen the same thing happen so many times, with so many other ideas.

Truth will always be independently discovered. Over and over again. Until it finally becomes something "everyone knows".


Sunday, July 05, 2015

This blog is biased!

This blog is biased against slavery, theft, the superstitious belief in "authority", bullies, and anti-liberty bigots.

This blog is biased toward Rightful Liberty, responsibility, and individualism.

I never claim to be "unbiased" like some liars in the "mainstream media" do.

Every source of information is biased, as is every opinion (which seems so self evident it shouldn't need to be said) published anywhere.

If you want "unbiased" go find a sasquatch riding a unicorn and ask him. Otherwise, figure out what the bias is, and read with that in mind.


Saturday, July 04, 2015

Happy Liberty Porn Day!

"Independence Day", more commonly known as simply "The 4th of July", is to actual independence as porn is to an actual sexual relationship.

It is a simulated substitute for the real act. The act of shooting and blowing up tyrants and their enforcers.

Shooting off fireworks- especially "in accordance with local laws"- has nothing to do with the act of rebellion to government that "Independence Day" is supposed to commemorate. It doesn't do anything for Rightful Liberty. It is a pathetic substitute for the real thing.

Yes, fireworks are pretty. And sometimes awe inspiring. And killing tyrants and their enforcers is messy, and unpleasant, and innocent people will inevitably get killed in retaliation. "Independence Day" is a cuddly alternative to the real spirit of independence.

But I miss the spirit of people willing to send tyrants and their hired bullies, either to another corner of the globe, or to the grave.

Until or unless "Independence Day" becomes about independence, I'll think of it as "Independents' Day" instead.


Friday, July 03, 2015


1. a person who uses strength or power to harm or intimidate those who are weaker.
synonyms: persecutor, oppressor, tyrant, tormentor, intimidator 
1. use superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force him or her to do what one wants.
How can anyone not see how this applies to politicians, bureaucrats, and cops? It's EXACTLY and precisely what they are and how they operate. You don't even have to clarify, change, or redefine any part of that definition- which I got directly off of Google.

Don't be a bully. If you work for "government", please quit. You can't be a good person and hold a "government job"- even if you somehow manage to not be a bully.


Bullies employ sleight of hand tricks

Bullies employ sleight of hand tricks

(My Clovis News Journal column for July 3, 2015)

If you enjoy watching people flailing around over different ways to control each other, the past couple of weeks has probably been entertaining for you. the rest...