Thursday, December 21, 2006

America: Freedom to Fascism

Last night I watched America: Freedom to Fascism. It is a very powerful film. I highly recommend that you see it as soon as possible if you haven't yet. I got it through Netflix. I feel it is a good movie for several reasons: it shows the contempt that the IRS (and by extension, the entire US government) feels towards Americans in general, the folly of turning away from real money in favor of fiat IOUs, and it explains the dangers facing us in the very near future if we do not take steps to derail the national ID card and ID chips. I doubt it will change your mind about much since I assume that most readers of my blog are already aware of these issues, but it will give you the intellectual ammunition to fight against the authoritarians more effectively. Don't be fooled, though. Government will never admit to being the criminal force. Stand up to them and they will do whatever they feel it will take to bring you to your knees. It is a good thing there are so many of us.

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