Saturday, December 16, 2006

Helping Others

Charity, not welfare. It is a simple concept. Welfare costs the recipient more than they get in return in the form of dependency, loss of privacy and dignity, and unfortunate government entanglements. In case you haven't noticed, the government believes it has authority to know every tiny detail of your personal, private life. When you accept government "help", it believes it really owns you. In a way, perhaps it does. The power to feed is the power to starve. Private charity, on the other hand, asks nothing in return for its help. You should be willing to give your time or money to spread the assistance at a later date, when you are able. That is a very fair trade. If it were me, I would also stay away from "private" charities that receive anything from government. Some allow government oversight, report to government agencies, or require government papers to prove you are "legal". Stay away from these false angels.

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