Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The REAL State of the Union

At the request of Conservative President 2008 I prepared my own State of the Union address. Here it is:

America, through world-wide meddling by the US government, has made enemies all over the globe. The US government does not, or at least should not, represent America. America is the Constitution and the Bill of Rights; The Highest Law of the Land. The US government is a bureaucracy which serves only its own interests to the detriment of America.

More terrorists devoted to killing Americans are created every day in countries all over the world by the US government's policies of nation-building and "peace-keeping". Who can blame them? Imagine if the roles were reversed. Remember how America felt when nineteen Arab terrorists killed almost 3000 Americans (if the government line is true)? Now imagine that instead of that horrible, singular act, a foreign army had invaded our shores and began moving through all of our towns, killing, raping, and maiming along the way. You would vow to avenge the deaths of your neighbors and brothers, sisters, father and mother til the last breath of life were gone from your body. How do you think they feel with US troops parading through their hometowns? We must bring the troops home, safe, alive, now.

The economy is a mess. Government statistics hide the true cost of inflation, which is really simply the cost of not backing our money with precious metal. The Federal Reserve needs to be abolished to bring value back to your money, and the IRS must be banished to leave that money in the hands of its rightful owners.

America is a country suffering in a vast wasteland of "law pollution" where every little issue brings forth a new law. The Supreme Court, back when it still had a shred of honor, ruled that any law which was out of line of the Constitution and Bill of Rights was null and void and was not really a law, and that no one had any obligation to obey such a law. I call this a "counterfeit law". The law pollution needs to be cleaned up. Crimes such as murder, theft, rape, kidnapping, and fraud are real crimes. There is no debate here. Victimless "crimes" need to be done away with, and the political prisoners held for violating them need to be given back their lives.

Some Americans rail against "illegal" immigrants while studiously ignoring why the "problem individuals" come here. Welfare handouts are not only bringing in human parasites from abroad, but raising up a generation of the same here. Handouts are never the way to build a person. Stop offering them and the people who choose to come here will come for all the right reasons; the same reasons most of your ancestors and mine chose to make America their home.

Much is made of the shift to a Democratic-controlled Congress, but this is merely "smoke and mirrors" as there is no longer enough difference between Democrat and Republican to matter. Both sides believe they have the authority and wisdom to control the personal, private affairs of others. Both sides pursue the same policies only shifting emphasis from year to year. Both sides are complicit in the destruction of liberty under the pretense of saving "us" from one phantom or another.

I believe there is hope. More and more Americans are recognizing the harm that the US government is doing using American interests as an excuse. Even out-of-control police officers across the country are having the light of attention shined on their abuses. The murders they commit are being noticed more and more. Fewer people believe the official government story on .... anything. There is hope. Freedom will win.

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