Thursday, July 19, 2007

Question for Democrats, Republicans and other Authoritarians

Where do you draw the line? If you believe that people should be controlled, how much control is too much? With libertarianism I know where the line is (initiation of force), but with authoritarianism it seems to me that each person or even each new day can draw a new line. I think any government is too much, unless it comes from within (as in "self control"). Yet I see people debating how much government to allow. How do you keep any "OK amount" from ever expanding? What is an acceptable amount of cancer? I know that the human body can fight off many cells that have become cancerous without the person ever knowing it has happened. Perhaps the same could be true of government. Is it worth the risk? For what benefit?

I know that most, maybe all, of the readers of my blog are libertarians or libertarian-leaning. Still I think the question is a good one to keep in mind. Many people will try to trick you into agreeing to some amount of government in response to their hypothetical questions. Don't fall for it.


  1. Oh, that's an easy question. Appoint me as your king and I'll fix the State exactly as much as I want it.
    (In my case, of course, zero!)

  2. Francois' avatar is just entirely too cool, dontcha think?

    Anyway, you're right. People will always try to get you to see things their way, and that happens even with libertarians. I'm guilty of it myself from time to time. It's human nature to do it, but it does take self-awareness to avoid falling into the trap being laid for you.