Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Candidate: "Are You a Libertarian?"

Ads for (slimy) candidates for political office are flooding the airwaves. The first, and often the only, question that needs to be asked of each and every one of these pretenders is "Are you a libertarian? No? Next!"

If, on the rare occasion one of them answers affirmatively, your follow-up statement for the purpose of clarification should be: "So you trust the people of this city/state/country to run their own lives with no meddling from government whatsoever, right? No 'permits'; no 'licenses'; no victimless 'crimes'." If the candidate does not trust you, there is no reason to trust him. "NEXT!"

If the candidate is still on your side, the final test is the big one. Ask if they are willing to back up that position with the Kent McManigal pledge, the pledge that I took as a candidate for President where I state that if elected, I ever support the enforcement of a counterfeit "law", if I ever advocate violating the ZAP, I recognize it as the duty of every American to try to assassinate me if I do not "straighten up", with my successor under strict instructions to give executive clemency to the patriot. If the candidate is still standing by this position, by all means, vote for him or her! Otherwise, find someone better suited for office.

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