Monday, April 09, 2007

Conservative President 2008 Interview

Conservative President 2008 asked me four questions recently. Here is the interview:

Libertarian McManigal Q&A

Thank You LPHQ Staff

I would like to thank the Libertarian Party HQ staff for publishing the interview with me in the recent issue of LP News. Your recognition of my campaign is very important to me.

I have not yet changed my position on accepting campaign donations for myself, but I would be glad to participate in Liberty Decides '08 to raise funds for the LP and their eventual nominee. I feel it is important to build the LP so that it can be an effective counterbalance to the authoritarian parties which get most of the public's attention. The people of America need to know they have a choice. The LP is fundamentally different enough, not being just another flavor of authoritarianism, that it can serve as a polar opposite to "politics as usual" which disgusts so many people. We should all help in any way we can.