Sunday, November 11, 2007

Engineering "Sexual Dysfunction"

With the crackdown on little kids hugging, it seems the control freaks in society will not be satisfied until everyone is a bundle of neuroses. How will this trend affect future teens and future adults? Certainly not in a good way. Will responsible parents be forced to hold "hug and touch orgies" for their toddlers to allow them to develop normally? It seems there are plenty of sexually frustrated and repressed people already. Using the excuse of "sexual harassment", the social engineers are destroying a new generation like never before.

There is legitimate "sexual harassment". I am certainly not dismissing that. What I am dismissing, completely and absolutely, is the bogus idea that 4 or 5 year-olds are hugging or touching their friends for sexual thrills. At 6 years old I knew girls were strangely fascinating to me, but I was not sure why. Some people get that feeling about people of their own sex. No one needs to be crippled with guilt over their feelings.

It is natural and necessary for children and adolescents to engage in sexual play and exploration of increasing intensity as they grow into healthy adults. Current policies are derailing that. No one matures and becomes a sexually functional adult in a vacuum. Children and adolescents are being taught that any body contact, such as slapping the rear ends of their friends in a friendly way, is sexual and somehow bad. The control freaks will not be satisfied until every adult is completely neurotic.

Edited to add these links: Schools banning hugs and all contact. Four year old boy suspended for hugging aide.