Saturday, November 17, 2007

Reasons I Should Be President

I still think I would be the best choice for President. I was comparing myself to the other candidates out there to see how I stack up. Some of the things that come to mind are:

  • Unlike at least one of the Demopublicans, I haven't seen a UFO- but I'd like to. The reptilian alien overlords endorse anyone BUT me.
  • I was never married to a President, so I don't have any connections with the DC underworld (Hades?).
  • I don't feel any need to prove my manhood by invading any foreign countries, posing on aircraft carriers, or declaring martial law.
  • I am not threatened by people using real money as a medium of trade, so I would encourage prosecution of thieves who steal the gold, silver, and copper of honest companies and their customers.
  • I have never been a TV star. Although....... If Firefly comes back I want a recurring role. And NOT as a disgusting fed!
  • Apparently I am in the rather lonely position of actually understanding the intent of the Bill of Rights. Along with Ron Paul, that is.
  • I have no experience, so I am not easily convinced with "But that is how it has always been done".
  • I don't converse with the dead (or expect an answer).
  • I would be a cheap President since I would not accept the government paycheck, nor the government housing. Plus, I have friends who would serve as my "secret service", so the ones on the government dole could go find an honest job.
  • Are foreign terrorists foolhardy enough to throw away their lives among a fully armed population? I doubt it. What about the domestic terroists who live and "work" in their cells in America? They are frantic to disarm us, so they must be afraid, too.
  • Last but not least: wouldn't you really like to see what would happen if there was a President who really believed in individual liberty? Aren't you curious how it would play out?