Monday, November 19, 2007

New Content at KentForLiberty

I have added a lot of content to recently, including a page on bug-out bags and hunker-down kits. If you have not visited the site in a while, do so today!

They Know.... And We Know They Know!

I have a strong feeling that the authoritarians actually know how to solve all the problems they feed off of. They simply pretend to not know what to do so they can keep debating one another and hiding the truth by ignoring it. The reason they refuse to implement the solution is that it would drain away all their power.

The solution is to end the failed experiment of government. End the destructive social engineering and market manipulation. Victim disarmament ("gun control") fuels crime. If you ever doubt that fact, look at the American cities with the most draconian laws against guns and see if they are the most peaceful or the most deadly. Allow people to defend themselves with effective weapons again and get the courts to actually side with them and see what happens. Welfare prolongs poverty. Give people their dignity once again, stop subsidizing poor choices, and watch where it leads. This would also solve the "illegal" immigrant problem as there would be no motivation for people who do not wish to work to sneak into America anymore. Any other "solution" is nonsense and a lie. End the inhuman War on Some Drugs and stop killing families and stomping human rights (and puppies). Help real addicts, don't jail them. Stop stealing our money through "taxation" to fund wars, welfare and other demographically distributed "entitlement bribes", militarized enforcers, criminal government agencies, and the royal lifestyles of the congresscritters. Foreign interference makes enemies and breeds terrorism. Stop government from meddling in the affairs of other nations, while at the same time allow a truly free market at home and abroad. Such a strategy would defuse the motives for destruction and foster an environment of cooperation. Inflation could be a thing of the past if only people would return to using real money instead of government IOUs. Of course, last week's illegal federal raid on Liberty Dollar proves that the US government has no desire to allow that.

The real trick is that all these things must be done simultaneously in order to work most effectively. Piecemeal liberty will take longer to work. If you notice, most of these solutions will interlock and support one another. They will also all take power away from the US federal tyrants and their state and local minions. For this reason, you will never hear the "mainstream" candidates for any office advocating any of these things. Power is more important than solutions to them. That automatically disqualifies them from any position of authority.