Tuesday, November 20, 2007

"A Survival Situation" by Kent McManigal

People of our stripe, the libertarians and the anarchists, need to face reality: we are now in a survival situation. Just as surely as if an asteroid strike or pandemic were destroying civilization, government is doing so today. The authoritarians' gloves are off; why are you still wearing yours? Survival strategies need to be learned and implemented now while you still have a choice. Read the rest at Strike the Root

"Scumbag Terrorist Appeaser"

I saw a comment on an authoritarian blog that referred to Ron Paul as a "scumbag terrorist appeaser". Is that the ultimate twisting of the truth, or what? Think about it: the current President, who gives the terrorists exactly what they want (restricted freedom in America for everyone, attacks on innocent countries to give the terrorsits' cause more legitimacy, etc.) is "patriotic", yet the candidate who calls a spade a spade (acknowledges that foreign meddling has consequenses and knows that there is no "suspension" of rights) is "appeasing" terrorists. Can I roll my eyes now? I'd hate to see what they'd think of me!