Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Pilgrims, Freedom, and You

According to the commonly taught version of the thanksgiving story, the pilgrims came here to find freedom to practice their own wacky and unpopular brand of religion. When they didn't all die (from their failed experiment in collectivism - shhhh -don't tell Hitlary, Obama, or Rudy) they were thankful.
At this point in history, we no longer have the option of sailing for a freer shore. Until we can leave our planetary cradle we must rip our freedom from the grasp of the tyrants and enforcers who surround us. Be thankful for everything life offers, but don't sit back and think the job is done.
Be someone that your descendants can look back on with gratitude. Someone they can say actually did something to make their present a freer world, instead of the 21st (or 22nd or beyond) century super-police-state that was well on the way to forming. Be the "pilgrims" of their future myths and tales.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Feeling Lazy... So Here's A Link

In my quest to provide you with good reading material almost every day, I present you with a link to Stefan Molyneux's Handout for Statists because I was too lazy to write anything today. Plus, it is really good! Enjoy.