Friday, November 23, 2007

Victim Disarmament and The Supreme Court(jesters)

The Supreme Court has finally decided to look at a case that could allow them to decide if they think the Second Amendment means what we all know it means, or to demonstrate clearly that they are traitors to America who will weasel-word away the last legalistic protections from tyranny.

First of all, I think they will declare that the Second Amendment guarantees an "individual right", but that "right" doesn't mean anything beyond a privilege that governments can restrict in any way they want. In other words, the opposite of what "right" really means.

Second of all, I will never pretend to imagine that my RIGHT to do anything comes from these black-robed clowns or their co-conspirators in other branches of government. The Bill of Rights does not "give" anyone any right whatsoever. It prohibits government from trying to infringe on the rights mentioned as well as the rights left unlisted. If the entire Bill of Rights were abolished tomorrow, it would still not take away the right to own and to carry any weapon you desire, anywhere you go, openly or concealed. Rights exist within me simply because I am human. Governments can choose to recognize that fact or they can become criminal tyrannies. Any government that attempts to restrict, license, regulate, ration, infringe, redefine, ignore, prohibit, or otherwise control even the most insignificant right has lost all legitimacy and no longer has any moral authority over anyone.

Third of all, if you have never watched this video from Penn & Teller, and you aren't easily offended by their extremely "colorful metaphors", watch this: Penn & Teller's BS - Gun Control.