Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Not All Viewpoints Are Valid

It makes me sick when some elitist authoriturd tells me that "surely we will differ on opinions and policies" as if my viewpoint and his are on equal footing; are equally valid in the realm of ideas. I realize he is just pandering to me even then. He really thinks I am a clueless hick regarding his "grown-up" world of backroom deals with shady characters and his compromises with immeasurable evil. "Because that is how the world really works." Just because he is an elected official dwelling in a big city (and therefore insulated from reality in many cases) he feels that he is above this Yahoo from the sticks. Sorry, it won't wash, Mr. Authoritarian. You do not know what is best for me, or for anyone else except, possibly, yourself. Stop behaving as though you do.

Theft-by-government is not a valid position. Victim disarmament is not a valid position. Redistribution of wealth and property for the "common good" is not a valid activity. Thinking it is acceptable to push your socialistic agenda on everyone else against their will because you think you are superior is not a valid viewpoint.

Liberty is the standard against which viewpoints are measured. Respecting and honoring the absolute human rights of every single human alive is the valid position. Understand the difference?