Friday, November 30, 2007

So...Child Abuse is Legal in MA, For Now?

I see that the lawgivers of Massachusetts want a new law to ban spanking- "For the childrenTM". It is being touted as a law against child abuse. That is odd. I would have thought a place like the socialist paradise of Massachussetts would have already had a law against abusing children. I guess they don't, though, because otherwise I am sure no one would want to add to the law pollution that already festers there, just to pass a new law prohibiting something that is already prohibited.

I don't think this is really a "spanking vs. non-spanking" issue. No one thinks kids should be abused, but does this law solve the problem, or is abuse already illegal? Who is protecting the rights of the parents to raise their children as they believe best? One size does not fit all, and some children do not respond to "time out". It has been my observation that some parents who "do not believe in spanking" can become so frustrated that they explode with rage and step over the line into abuse, including actually beating the children. But that is just a personal observation based on people I have known.