Monday, December 03, 2007

"If You Have Nothing to Hide....."

Reading this story (by way of War on Guns) I saw this ignorant comment from someone who hid under the name "support police": "If you have nothing to hide then why are you concerned? Our underpaid police are out there risking thier (sic) lives so people can have a happy and safe country - Go back to Russia "

Even if you are guilty of no real crime, is there nothing in your life that could be used against you in any way? Do you want everyone to know all your PINs, your bank account numbers, your home address, work address, your children's names, all your medical history, anything? Do you want these state-sponsored perverts watching you use the toilet or having sex? What about the private thoughts inside your head? They may not be as private as you think they are. Could none of those be misinterpreted?

I am guilty of no real crime. Why do I care if the authoriturds spy on me? Because I do not trust those who gather the information. They are dishonest and corrupt to the core. They spy on us and yet will beat, arrest, taser, and threaten to kill anyone who returns the favor.

Look back at the ignoramus's last barb. Isn't it funny that someone who advocates and worships Soviet-style surveillance would want those who don't to "go back to Russia"? That person's pen name should have been "support tyranny". It would have been a LOT more honest!

The High Shelf

If you have ever had an unruly child come to visit, you know it is important to place the breakable nice things out of reach. Usually a high shelf becomes the temporary home for these objects. If you have an unruly child living with you, you either leave the breakables on that shelf permanently or hide them in the top of your closet.

The shelf didn't create the nice things that are upon it; it simply protects, or was intended to protect, them.

Government is a very bad destructive child. Human rights are very precious and are not to be played with. The Bill of Rights was intended as a high shelf on which to put those things that government was not to be trusted with. Being like a naughty child, some things needed to be out of its reach. The shelf was not enough.

Unfortunately, we the parents have watched as the bad child has stolen a step stool and broken everything on the shelf. If the broken "pretties" are noticed, most of the parents gently threaten a "time out"without ever following through. It hasn't worked. Now the child thinks it runs the house. Government is a particularly bad child, with super-strength ADHD, to boot. Government needs to at least have its pudgy, grubby little hand slapped til it is red.