Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Six Minutes of Victim Disarmament

Just in case anyone still, after all these years, thinks it is a good idea to leave guns to the bad people and the badge people only: "By the time officers arrived six minutes later, the shooting was over". That is the only relevant part of the news story about Wednesday afternoon's mall shooting in Omaha. It is the only part that does not ever seem to get inside the brains of the disarmament crowd.

When a crime occurs it is too late to call anyone for help. Cops are NOT legally responsible for protecting you anyway. That fallacy has been disproved in court. YOU are the line between chaos and civilization. It is up to you and you alone. Cops are the vultures who swoop in to feed off of the carnage after it is over, at least in most cases. Most readers of this blog will already understand this at an instinctive level. The rest of society needs to begin to grasp the concept.

I expect another fund-raising email from the "Sarah Brady Mass-Murderer Fan Club" tomorrow. Maybe they will once again want a dollar (or three) for each victim of their policies. Whatever. They will be dancing in the blood one way or another. Just watch.

Open BOTH Eyes

My eyesight stinks. I have worn glasses since I was in first grade. My optometrist told me once my eyesight is somewhere around 20/1600. As bad as it is, it is much worse when I try to use only one eye. When both are being used, they correct for one another somewhat and make the picture much clearer. Maybe it is a biological analog to speckle interferometry.

With regards to the way humans see the "political" world, the world of human interaction, only libertarianism sees the whole picture clearly. Authoritarianism only sees the half they wish to see, either "left" or "right"; erroneously called "conservative" or "liberal". By using only one "eye" they get a blurry, distorted view. It leads them down the wrong path towards doom. They can't even recognize the real world because they have never seen it. That is why they can't understand libertarians and anarchists.