Friday, December 07, 2007

Ending Mall Shootings Safely

Here is a mind-bender that was running through my head today:

Suppose you are minding your own business at a mall and a shooter appears. What do you do? As a responsible person, you should pull out your concealed gun and quickly put an end to the danger, of course. "Gun free" zone or not. Now, what if it turns out that it was just some kind of "test" to check the security of the mall, and you just shot the actor portraying the criminal, who might very well be a cop? After reading about the government "tests" of TSA airport security (fake bombs), and reading of the fake "gunman" situation that was played out at a school a while back, it makes me think that such a thing could actually happen. So, do you shoot or do you wonder if it is a simulation? You shoot. Some things are just that important, and this is one of them.

Any person who agrees to take part in a fake attack deserves to be killed as if he were a real danger, in my opinion. Because he is a very real danger. I am sure "the law" would not agree, but that is because they would be wrong.