Saturday, December 08, 2007

Hilarious Reporters

From years ago:

Since I recognize that airline passengers should be as well armed on the plane as off, I have a serious philosophical dislike of misguided airport "security measures". But sometimes, related matters can be hilarious.

I was once watching a news report on the fallibility of airport security. To demonstrate how bad it was, the reporter put a toy water gun in his luggage and sent it through the X-ray machine. (Obviously this was before "9/11") He then had a field-day that the screener did not recognize the "gun" on the screen. He even pointed it out on the replay. It didn't look like a gun to me, either. Maybe that was because it wasn't a gun, Sherlock! The X-ray of a toy water gun and an actual gun are absolutely nothing alike. Any clown off the street should know that, but apparently Mr. Reporterman didn't. That his editor didn't catch the blunder made it even funnier. Ahhh. Good times....