Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Is It "Paranoid" To Carry a Gun?

I have been told that to carry a gun shows paranoia. It shows that the gun bearer is looking for trouble or expecting it to erupt around every corner. "How can someone go through life fearing everything like that?"

Using that standard, anyone who takes any precaution in order to be prepared is paranoid. Or does it only apply to those who take the responsibility to defend themselves and the people around them from violence? Those who keep fire extinguishers, those who wear seat belts, those who take vitamins or preventative medications, those who have a savings account or investments are just looking for something to go wrong or else they would just sit back and think everything will be OK. Right?

Perhaps those who "bear arms" are the only ones who are not paranoid. They don't need to be. They are comfortable in the knowledge that if something should happen, however unlikely, they have the tools available to take control of the situation instead of waiting to be rescued by people who have no motivation to do any real rescuing. They can walk around with a confidence that is lacking among the fearful. They can afford to be more friendly and helpful, while those who handicap themselves must either pass some stranger in need or risk injury in order to offer help.