Sunday, December 16, 2007

Uncle Bob's Treehouse

I recently discovered another very good libertarian blog. It is called "Uncle Bob's Treehouse". I can't remember how I discovered in, but I think it was through War on Guns. I highly recommend you take a look at it.

Boston Tea Party Day

Celebrate the day when Americans first told thieving government what it could go do to itself. Join those early "hooligan libertarians" (and their associates) in spirit. Find some way to demonstrate to government that you "aim to misbehave". America was not freed the first time by politeness toward tyranny. It will not be freed this time by politeness toward tyranny, either. Which "tax" causes you the most hardship? Is there a way you can throw your own Boston tea party with friends?

I would enjoy seeing mobs of protesters in V masks burning piles of Social Security cards, drivers licenses, or any other sort of permits or tax forms on the steps of the appropriate government agencies. All these things are, after all, just ways the government steals your money (and exerts unwarranted, and illegal, control over your life).

Of course, if you insist on being nice (gag) to the tyrants, just donate money to Ron Paul's Boston Tea Party Day money bomb or the Libertarian candidate of your choice.