Tuesday, December 18, 2007


The racist blogger banned me from commenting on his blog. That is something I have never done to anyone. He was congratulating himself for being "pro-Black and anti-racist" and I merely pointed out the absurdity of that fantasy. Unfortunately I don't have my original comment which he deleted so quickly, but it went something like this:

It is impossible to be "pro-Black and anti-racist" just as it would be
impossible to be "pro-White and anti-racist". It is people like you,
the racists, who enable such things as the attack by the teen criminals on the woman who tried
to take a seat on the bus recently. Where is your mention of

He claims I violated the posting rules. I read the rules. Nowhere did I read that the truth should not be mentioned. The truth would shatter his little world where he takes comfort in being the big protector of everyone he thinks are inferior to himself. No wonder it scares him.

Edited: I guess I did violate his policy (3.a. specifically). I said "people like you, the racists" and his rules clearly state that it is forbidden to point out that he is a hate-filled, wild-eyed racist, no matter what his own words testify to. He says his blog opposes racism and a lot of other things, "as defined by me". Isn't that clever? In other words, if he changes the definitions to fit his perverse mind-set, he can claim to be anything or nothing at all.

UPDATE 5-19-2008: I am still getting referrals from the racist's blog. Well, he is still a racist and I am still not.