Wednesday, December 19, 2007

"Support America" to Death

If, in order to "support America", it is necessary to endorse torture (using whatever euphemism you may prefer). If "supporting America" makes it necessary to condone government spying on Americans. If supporters must look away while government violates the Constitution (which, including ALL of the Bill of Rights, just happens to be the law that the current government is absolutely required to obey). If, to "support America", I must allow the enforcement of "laws" which cause damage to society and, in many cases, cause death (such as drug "laws" and gun "laws"), then why would it be desirable to support America?

It wouldn't be desirable at all. No country that must stoop to such tyrannical behavior in order to "preserve national security" or any other government notion deserves to continue to exist. Up until the last couple of decades Americans would have known that instinctively. What happened? Why are so few people pointing it out. Why don't more people stand up and say "Enough!"?

It isn't, and never has been, necessary to support all those atrocities in order to support America. The United States IS NOT America. Don't ever let them fool you into believing it is.

What IS necessary to support AMERICA is the courage to point out that the current US government is an outlaw regime which has taken over the government ....aided by the complicity of phony, flag-waving "patriots" who were fooled into voting away liberty in exchange for "entitlements" and "safety". You know the kind: the ones who would tell Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson to go back to.... somewhere else... if they don't like the way King George treats his subjects. Only now these "patriotic Americans" tell the true Americans to "go back to Russia" if we point out that the US has become more socialistic than Stalin ever could have imagined Russia becoming. They wouldn't recognize "America" if they stumbled across it. Otherwise the 2008 election would be a contest between Ron Paul and the Libertarian Party candidate (or me), ....and the Demopublican candidates would all be in jail for treason.