Saturday, December 22, 2007

Rambling Thoughts on Voting and Such

It has been said that no country has ever voted itself free. I don't feel like researching that pearl of wisdom because it seems obvious to me. The big problem with voting is that the "winners" seem to think the "losers" are obligated to live under the resultant regime. That's silly. Freedom can't happen without getting rid of the monsters who seek to control and steal from the real people. Those monsters don't voluntarily go away, either.

Guess what. I do not agree to "live with" any regimes or counterfeit "laws", duly elected or not. There, I said it in writing AGAIN so no one can ever claim I consented implicitly to abide by anything that I did not explicitly agree to. Nor do I automatically expect anyone else abide by whatever nonsense "laws" are the fashion of the day. Although I usually obey reasonable traffic laws, I never assume others will. (That is why I watch other drivers and do not assume they will stop at red lights.) I do expect others to respect my rights, just as I will respect theirs.

Regardless of how the 2008 election plays out, I expect that the winner will be another tyrant wannabe. Ron Paul is as good a candidate as we will ever get from the Demopublicans and I would love to see him get the Republican nomination. As long as his policies do not violate my rights, I would follow them. If they cross the line, I will give them the same respect I would give Hillary's verbal flatus.

I am disappointed in the Libertarian candidates. Not for any good reason; just because they don't inspire me. I am so uninspired that I don't even keep up with who is still in the race and who has dropped out. I still plan to write in my own name unless the situation changes RADICALLY.