Wednesday, December 26, 2007

In the News

Here is an interesting mention of Kent McManigal in the Seattle Times, along with a longer examination of my campaign in a reporter's blog from the same paper. I'm glad they find me amusing, but I wish they would examine my stance a little more. Oh well. If I had to choose between being a boring authoritarian who "they" take seriously, or a slightly colorful libertarian who they would not take seriously no matter what I did, I'd choose the current situation.

Cops: The Front Line in the Battle Against Freedom

Frequently, when I express my disgust at police officers, I hear that "the average street cop" is on "our side" with this or that issue. For all the good that does, even if it is true.

I don't care if "the average street cop believes in the right to bear arms", if they still disarm people when told to. I don't care if they realize the War on Some Drugs is a monumental waste of time, money, and lives, if they kick in doors looking for drugs.

There is a reason it is called a "police state". Without police to do the enforcement, the rest of government would be powerless to violate your rights. If they really are not the problem, let them stop enforcing "laws" that are wrong. Let them stand up to their bosses, and even arrest them for violating the rights of Americans.

Don't give me that balderdash of "only doing my job", or "I don't make the law, I only enforce it". Tyranny can not grow; genocide can not occur, without the brutal troops of government actually committing the acts of enforcement. That is known as a "war crime". One way or another, it must stop.