Sunday, December 30, 2007

Global Warming?

Interesting news on the "global warming" front: Has global warming stopped? Why haven't we been told this before?

Carnage Prevention

Any death that occurs because a gun was not present can be laid directly at the feet of the nearest government and its representatives and enforcers.

Killed by a tiger before a gun could arrive? Mugged and shot or stabbed to death in the park because your city doesn't trust you with a gun? Died in a hi-jacked aircraft or a tower it crashes into because you must disarm to fly? Why was there not a gun present to avert these tragedies?

Fear of breaking the "law" and the draconian punishments that result is why. The bad guys have already decided that the laws do not apply to them. That leaves the good guys at a disadvantage where evil "laws" are concerned. Too many of us good guys obey bad "laws", resulting in unnecessary death.