Monday, November 03, 2008

Voting - My Libertarian / Anarchist Opinion

Voting is like choosing your next meal from the tank of a portable toilet behind the downtown bus station.




  1. Are you sure? I thought it was more like choosing a meal in jail while you're getting ass-raped.

  2. Either way, not a pleasant prospect.

  3. Not at all, gentlemen. Voting is like whispering into the ear of a statue.

  4. Voting is like going to a slave auction where you are the slave, but are allowed to choose which master you will serve.

  5. Gentlemen, gentlemen...please! Let's be sensible about this.


    Voting is like choking on the shit-meal you chose from the tank of a portable toilet in your jail cell while being ass-raped with a statue by your elected master.

  6. Anyone there know about 24hr. military time expressed as 00:00:00? You don't use AM or PM. the time of day is expressed by the count in the hrs. of the day: 00:00:01 is midnight plus one minute (am). 12:00:01is one minute passed noon (pm). It is incorrect & redundent to use both expressions of 'time of day' at the same time together.
    WC Sweat