Friday, January 04, 2008

Iowans Beg For More Tyranny

The people who live in the region known as "Iowa", and who chose to participate in the caucus yesterday, want tyranny and socialism. That is obvious. A vote for anyone other than Ron Paul in Iowa yesterday was an endorsement of the police state, and is a bad sign for the future of those of us who choose to remain above the counterfeit "laws" that the collectivists will continue to attempt to subject us to. Of course, the only choices were between socialist party "A" and socialist party "B", so what can you expect?

Funny thing is, this is not news to any of us who value freedom. In almost every election the result is the same: year after year; decade after decade; century after bloody century. Voting for new and improved tyrants is an ignorant act at "best", and a selfish, greedy, brutal act at "worst". Politicians who offer kickbacks in the way of "entitlements" or "pork" are the ones who get the vote, while those who tell the truth don't. Politicians who are seen as "young" and "different", whether they really are different or not, get the vote from people who want to be seen as "enlightened" or "socially conscious". I'm sorry, but voting for socialists is neither.

The good thing is that only around 400,000 people (by my probably incomplete count) got out and bothered to beg for more tyranny. That is out of a population of around 3 million people. How many of those who did not vote are libertarians, Libertarians, and anarchists? How many are regular people who are convinced that their vote doesn't matter, or that the only thing that matters is who counts the vote (or programs the voting machines)? How can we get those people to join the struggle for freedom in their own way?