Monday, January 07, 2008

The Anarchists Second Choice

Whether I am a write-in candidate for President, or an "official" one, I should be the second choice of the anarchists. The first choice of course is "None". It would be my goal to attempt to be as close to "None" as is humanly possible, since that would also be my own preference.

Moving on to other people's choices: I should be the first choice for gun owners, as I recognize no limits on rights (as long as you do not aggress against anyone, of course), including the right to own and to carry any type of gun, anywhere you go, in any way you wish, without asking permission of anyone, ever. Plus, I would turn the White House into a "clemency factory" for anyone ever convicted for the victimless crime of owning or carrying a gun.

I should be the first choice for anyone victimized by the disgusting "War on Some Drugs" for the same reason. In fact, I would do the same for anyone who has ever been targeted by the government for ignoring any counterfeit "law". My goal would be to make it pointless to arrest anyone for anything other than causing actual harm to another.

Where I stand with Libertarians and libertarians has yet to be determined, but I should be in the top three. I think.