Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I Don't Care!

The big stink about whether Ron Paul is a racist or not seems ridiculous to me. Even if he is, it isn't the first thing I disagree with him about. I don't care what bizarre or bad ideas someone has as long as they will not try to force their ideas upon me by "law". This is where Ron Paul differs from the racists who are the "mainstream" candidates sanctioned by the powers-that-be and the "mainstream" media. He would not promote "laws" to establish racist governmental policies. The other Demopublican clowns have been passing their twisted racist, sexist, and genocidal laws against America for decades. They have a proven record of holding views that make an issue of race and passing "laws" based on this corrupt notion. How is that better?

The Six Things Americans Should Know

Here is a good Second Amendment primer from JPFO: The Six Things Americans Should Know About the Second Amendment


Enforcers Keep Murdering More of Us

There are times I sit on a blog idea for a few days until I cool down somewhat. Just so I don't say something overly truthful. This is one of those occasions.

If you have been paying attention to the news, you are probably as disgusted as I am over all the murder-by-cop that has been occurring recently. Almost every day new instances slip through the mass media news filter, IF you look in the right places. For the most part the news is ignored.

It is way past time for the free, reasonable people of this country to stand up as a Great Wall of Opposition to the occupying army that the police forces across America have become. Do not submit. Do not back down. Defend your neighbors from these murderous predators. Do not ever forget or forgive what these badged monsters are doing. These murders are NOT justifiable. Any police "spokescreatures" who excuse these abuses might as well have pulled the trigger themselves. The bosses are accountable whether they want to be or not.

Even if all drugs were really bad, no drug "law" is important enough to kill people over. None. No drug "law" is important enough to destroy families over. No, not ONE. Even the worst addict in the world has the right to destroy his own life as long as he doesn't cross the line to initiating force or fraud. When a cop commits one of these raids he becomes worse than the worst non-violent drug abuser. These crimes must be stopped. We need civilization again.