Sunday, February 03, 2008

Quick! Destroy the "Wondrous" Before... What???

One problem I have with a lot of science fiction or fantasy books or movies is that whatever wondrous discovery is made, it must be destroyed before the story ends. Whether it is The Nautilus, the "lost world" of living dinosaurs, or "The Lost Ark of the Covenant", things must be back to normal when the last page is read, or when the credits roll. I think this is a sign that most people value the status quo more than they value the new or the unknown. What are people afraid of? Am I odd to not feel the same way?

Maybe this is why people speak up in vehement support of the "way things are" instead of considering that maybe a different way is better. Maybe that is why they argue over which socialist clone represents "change". The normal world order must be maintained at all costs. Until freedom becomes the norm, it will be denigrated and its advocates will be reviled by tools of the system. I am tired of being in the minority of people who don't support tyranny in any form. How about you?