Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Increasing Liberty?

When I look at people, their actions, and what they advocate, I find myself asking "does _X_ increase my liberty or make liberty more difficult or dangerous?" Very often I find that whatever I am evaluating makes liberty harder for me and for society.

Several years ago ago I heard of the "Jews in the attic" yardstick. If some new government policy or bureaucracy would make it more difficult to hide innocent targets from government oppressors or murderers, it should be opposed and, if passed, violated. Does that ring any REAL ID bells?

It would be nice to be able to believe that "we" can still work within the system to change these illegal laws. Unfortunately the "system" is rigged against liberty. Liberty lovers are outnumbered by those who depend on government for their livelihood and those who think that it is OK to support the state, through its government, as long as they say they are supporting liberty. Even those who are otherwise on our side. It is impossible to strengthen the state and not destroy liberty. The misguided liberty-desiring government accessories are doing great damage to the cause of individual liberty while believing they are helping it.