Friday, February 08, 2008

Soul Searching

As you may have guessed, I am undergoing a lot of soul-searching and re-evaluation. My recent clash with the military people who think they are helping America by supporting the US government has made me decide liberty is doomed, at least in the short term. The government hates liberty. The military, even if they claim to love liberty, are working for the very organization that has done more to destroy liberty than any force in history: authoritarian government. Then we are told that we must work within the rigged system to beg for our liberty one measley drop at a time. Obey the masters until we can convince them to let us be free. When has that ever worked?

While the general direction of human civilization is toward greater individual liberty, I think we are on the verge of entering a dark age of tyranny that would make Hitler, Vlad Dracula, and George W. Bush giddy. Maybe our great-grandchildren will be free. The Tyrannocratus sux who run the state will eventually either evolve some decent morals and become human, or they will go extinct, but not before they drag humanity into a pit of authoritarian super-state torment as has never been seen before. Just as in past dark ages, the damage will take a long time to undo. It would be so much better to avoid the trap to begin with. Unfortunately, too few people are paying attention or would care if they were.

Then I wonder if humans are simply too programmed to seek a strong "leader", no matter how evil, to ever accept self-ownership in numbers large enough to matter. I worry that I am a defective person because I chafe under authoritarians. Maybe the "sheeple" are the true humans, and I am an aberration. The sad thing is that "sheeplehood" disgusts me to my core. If they would simply leave me alone, we could coexist in peace, but that is not the way of the state. Control and even the illusion of "implied consent" must be maintained at all costs and any dissenters must be marginalized until they consent or are killed. At least for the foreseeable future.

How will I deal with this future? I can either pretend to go along, and drown in resentment. Although that is my usual mode of operation, I want to change. I also don't relish the thought of being a martyr and dying in a raid by BATFEces or DEA. I can quietly monkey-wrench at every opportunity, although writing it here now makes that ineffective. I can try to get over my gloominess and laugh at the authoriturds as they tighten the noose on civilization. I depends if I feel optimistic or pessimistic today. The glass is half full... of cyanide.