Sunday, February 10, 2008

Voters and Other Dreamers

In the fight for liberty, voting is the safest, even the most cowardly, easiest action that can possibly be taken. It is supposedly secret. It is easy to blend in with the collectivists who are also voting on that day. If you want to, you can even lie about who you voted for if you feel intimidated. Yet, over and over again, voters vote for the anti-freedom candidates. When handed a non-confrontational way to express an interest in freedom, without any risk, people still don't do it.

I can hold out hope that the real freedom fighters stay away from the voting booth, recognizing it as a futile act, or an act of distasteful "implied consent". You know "lending legitimacy to an illegitimate system".

Still I wonder, if no one stands up for freedom when it is safe enough that a coward could do it; easy enough that someone as lazy as me could do it, and non-confrontational enough that a shy people-pleaser could do it... then how will liberty ever be regained once the shooting starts?