Friday, February 15, 2008

Statist Troll Bingo

Because "turnabout is fair play", I now post the Statist Troll Bingo from Check Your Premises. I only hope the statists are as amused by it as I was by the Libertarian Troll Bingo. (and here).  Follow the links if you can't read the spaces.

Victim Disarmament Succeeds Again

This is tragically predictable. Massacre in another "Gun-Free" Zone.

Humans May Be More "Sheeple" Than They Think

"In most cases the participants didn’t realise they were being led by others." One study shows the flocking behavior of humans. Something some of us have suspected all along. Could be bad news; could be useful information. Think and react accordingly.


"Law" Games

Just for fun yesterday, I started keeping track of how many "laws" I was aware of breaking throughout the day. I counted six. The really funny thing is that those are just the ones I know of, and that I was paying attention to. How many more did I break without even knowing it? Probably dozens. And yet, not once did I harm anyone, defraud anyone, or even endanger anyone by my lawlessness. Because, you see, I was only breaking counterfeit "laws". You know, those "laws" that attempt to control or regulate something other than actual aggression or fraud; the victimless "crimes" that the state feeds off of. I'd be willing to bet that you broke about as many as I did, still without ever doing anything wrong. I think that today I may see how many more counterfeit "laws" I can break on purpose. Why not join me?