Monday, February 18, 2008

Curing America

It is really hard to see America ever being cured when most Americans don't realize she is deathly ill. Or perhaps America is already dead and is simply writhing like a head-shot snake. In either case, I really like these suggestions from The Libertarian Enterprise:

The list of cures is endless: abolish sovereign immunity, disarm the feds;
demilitarize the cops; outlaw the secret ballot; send the politicians (including
the President and his Cabinet) into combat first; abolish limited liabilty,
outlaw fractional reserve banking, repeal every law passed since September 11,
2001, repeal every law passed since 1912. And no, I'm not kidding about any of
those or a half a hundred more I could have written down here. But the problem
remains the same as it was before: no real reform effort can get any traction
when the system is run by crooked politicians and the whorish media.

The only difference I would suggest is that instead of "outlawing" anything, simply get rid of the counterfeit "laws" that allow these bad ideas to be forced on us.