Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Copycat Effect

I'm not sure how many of you are familiar with Loren Coleman and his blog "The Copycat Effect", which mainly deals with the school shooter phenomenon. He points out the patterns that seem to form around the shootings. Because the shooters are obviously "not right" in their software, I think it is a definite possibility that they see other shootings as a reason to carry out their own massacre. In any case, he is "predicting" another dangerous time soon. Be alert ("Cuz America needs more lerts").

Public Opinion

I read somewhere (The Dilbert Blog?) the suggestion that the "perfect" President would be one who has no thoughts or opinions of his own, but only works to implement the preferences of the American people. Do you really want the people who think American Idol is vitally important deciding how the country should be run?

In many polls I see that a majority of Americans believe in ghosts, doubt evolution, and that a substantial percentage believe that UFOs are abducting humans for "tests". Those things make me hesitant to want the country, as a whole, run based upon the opinions of average Americans. Run your own life according to whatever ideas may be rattling around in your skull, but don't think that others are required to hold the same notions. That's the beauty of anarchism: your ideas can not be forced upon others, and neither can mine.