Monday, February 25, 2008

The Conspiracy Against Conspiracy Theories

I am not a huge conspiracy theorist, yet it disturbs me that some (or most) people deny that conspiracies can exist within government. It has gotten so bad that to even suggest a conspiracy automatically disqualifies you from being taken seriously. If I were a collectivist who wanted to subjugate the population, I can't think of a more effective strategy than making it automatically "crazy" to suggest that conspiracies may exist. I know that there have been many conspiracy theories that are really "out there" and cast ridicule on all of them. That doesn't make them all, even the really "out there" theories, automatically wrong, regardless of the common opinion. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence; get out there and find it. I think that many things could be slipped under the fence and covered up with "You people are just crazy conspiracy nuts!" Just remember: when two people try to do something bad, secretly, it qualifies as a conspiracy. To deny that it happens in government offices is just plain nuts.