Monday, March 31, 2008

"Ask A Cop"

The title was "Ask a Cop", so I did.
I asked "Do you ever feel guilty that your job is based upon enforcing counterfeit 'laws' that should never be enforced? Do you worry that 'I was only doing my job' wasn't an acceptible excuse at Nurmeberg?"
The cop's answer: "Kent, let me do my job. I work hard to do it well. You go right ahead and question my job, but I work hard and I love what I do. "
That answered my questions better than I could have hoped.

Violent Anti-Gunners

Almost every time (or, possibly, every time) I have been in a debate with an anti-gunner, if the debate goes on for long enough, the person eventually gets around to saying something along the lines of "So if I can carry a gun anywhere, I will just kill the next person who makes me mad!" That is enough to make me think that the victim-disarmers are right: they should not have guns.

The rest of us, since we don't struggle with the burden of a barely suppressed desire to kill people, should not be similarly tyranized.