Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Obama: A Lapse of Logic, or Something Worse?

I heard an Obama ad on the radio today. The focus was on what Obama had done to punish "Big Oil" for the high price of gasoline. Among the socialistic hogwash mentioned, it was stated that Obama had worked to take away "Big Oil's" tax breaks. HE DID WHAT?!?!

Can anyone besides me see the enormous lapse in logic there? Or could it be even worse; a trial balloon to see if the American voters are completely brain-dead yet?

Where does this mental homunculus think the higher gasoline production costs will be recovered? I can guarantee you it will not come out of the CEO's pocket. Did Obama ever consider eliminating the government's extortion to lower the price of oil? If so, it wasn't mentioned. That would be unthinkable to most socialists of his -cough- "character".

If this is any indication of the total lack of thinking ability from Obama, well... start learning how to knap flint and tan bear skins.


Dangerous Times?

Loren Coleman's The Copycat Effect blog warned a while back about the next ten days (April 16-26, 2008) being prime "massacre" dates. He especially warns about Wednesdays as being the days that the copycat killers seem to choose. I hope he is wrong this time, but stay alert, as always.