Friday, April 18, 2008

Happy Patriots' Day - "4-19!"

Today is Patriots' Day. Celebrate it by doing something truly patriotic, like honoring America by ignoring the US government which is occupying this fine land. Remember that most patriotic activities are heavily regulated or criminalized. Activities like getting your militia weaponry out and having some practice.

Divided and Conquered

The Rulers want you to hate other people. They need you to hate other people. Listen to the "issues" they dwell upon. Listen to them pander to you. Depending upon who they think you are, they will promise to punish "them" for you. The Rich, middle class, or poor - Big Business vs family business - young against elderly - gay vs straight - male against female - city vs rural - every race against every other race - even one region of the country against another region. Where will it end?

It ends when you and I refuse to play along. It ends when we realize there is only one legitimate "us vs them" issue, and that is "those who meddle and cause harm against those who mind their own business and harm no one else". It ends when we finally really understand that there is absolutely no reason for not treating everyone equally, unless you wish to cause jealousy and anger, thereby empowering the Rulers by asking them to punish someone for you.