Monday, April 21, 2008

Needy Voters

I just saw a Hitlery Klinton commercial. The pathetic voter portrayed on the screen said "I need a president who will help me". Sad. I just want presidents (and lesser governmental parasites) to stop trying to HARM me. That would be a monumental improvement, don't you agree?

Are You "Legal"?

I was just pondering (a dangerous pastime, I admit) the concept of people being "legal" in one way or another. Whether you are talking about "legal immigrants", legal drivers, legal age of consent, a host of licenses "allowing" you to go about your business, or a plethora of other issues, some people place way too much emphasis on whether they (or you) have the official government-stamp-of-approval or not. In order to display your "legal" status for everything the government incorrectly believes it has a say in, you would need to carry around a binder filled with all your "proofs".

Who has time for all that nonsense? The government doesn't own you. Why act like it does?