Saturday, April 26, 2008

Enough "Gun Control", It's Time For "Goon Control"

The government protects its enforcers yet again. Sean Bell's murderers have gotten away with it. Murder-by-cop is OK, according to the "judge" who heard the case. The murderers didn't want to take their chances with a jury. What lessons can be learned from this?

Gun control, more honestly known as victim disarmament, increases crime. It doesn't make anyone safer (except for politicians and other amoral parasites). The armed goons of the state are a real and present danger, especially when they are armed. Instead of gun control, there should be some serious goon control.

Time to rein in the goons that hide in the dark alleys and in the well-lit offices of government. It is time to control those goons who hide behind their tiny shields. Free-lance and government goons are both a danger to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, but of the two, the government goons are much more dangerous. They commit their crimes with the implicit assumption that they are "right". To try to prove otherwise is pretty much doomed.

There is only one way to really control both kinds of goons: be armed and ready to defend yourself and those innocents around you. Sad, but true. As I say, WE didn't choose this war.