Sunday, May 04, 2008

Quackery From a Different Duck

Medical quackery is almost universally condemned. Sometimes people don't agree on what constitutes "quackery"; some swearing by a particular treatment while others point out that the "cure" has more in common with magic or wishful thinking than with science.

There are other kinds of quackery, too. Such as the moral quackery called "laws".

Laws are bad. They claim to solve a problem while doing no such thing. Like all false solutions, they distract people from finding a real solution. Precious time is wasted. The only thing they provide for is a specified punishment if the "law" is violated, but they do nothing to stop aggression (theft and fraud are "economic aggression"). Most "laws" don't even pass the test of morality in the first place; criminalizing good behavior and encouraging destructive behavior.