Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I'm Not Perfect?!

As surprising as it may be, I just may not be perfect. I get emails to that effect pretty often. Maybe they are getting through to me.

I know how I think I should always behave, yet being human, I have not always done what I should. I'm not really sure why people feel the need to remind me of my shortcomings. I guess they are perfect. I really don't remember ever claiming to be perfect, but I must have at some point, otherwise why would anyone act like I made that claim? Another fault someone can point out, right?

I think the best I can do is to try everyday to not add to my pile of regrets. Don't violate my principles. This means don't harm anyone who isn't harming me. Don't support the state. Live and let live. But even this is a little unrealistic in some ways. After all, there are some principles I hold, that if I don't violate them, government enforcers will kill me. So, just like you, I do the best I can, with the reality I live in. Who can do more?