Saturday, May 10, 2008

Blank Slates Again

When I have expressed my opinion that humans are born as "blank slates"; that such things as "gods and governments" are then scribbled onto their minds, I usually get one of two responses. Those who agree with me, or who disagree with me, on both counts don't usually say anything.

Those who cling to statism will often say they agree that atheism is probably the default setting for religion, but that humans "obviously need government, otherwise why do they always set one up?".

Those who cling to magical thinking will often agree that statism must be indoctrinated into children, but that "people need God, otherwise they wouldn't have such a driving need to learn about Him."

These responses make me believe I am on the right track. Those who are heavily invested in a particular notion look for any reason to defend it, but others, who are more able to look at the situation rationally, see the truth.