Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Rhetorical Question?

In promos for his show, Lou Dobbs of CNN is shown asking: "Doesn't anyone deserve a government that works?" Interesting question.

Does anyone "deserve" a government at all? Maybe some individual who has shown that he completely lacks moral character does. Should I have to put up with a government because of that diseased individual? Absolutely not. A government won't make him into a nice person. The only thing that will is surrounding him with a fully armed population. He will either straighten up, or will be darwinized. Either way, he becomes "good" and the good folk win without burdening us all with government. I have done nothing to deserve a government.

I would also say that government already "works" too much. Its objectives are directly opposite what is good for the individuals who live under it, but that is what the Rulers are working so hard at. They are working to increase their power and control over us, while taking away our money (which would allow us to resist them more effectively). Government works to convince us that we are too stupid or evil to live our own lives without them telling us what to do with each moment of our lives. I have no desire for a government that works. This is why I celebrate "gridlock". Gridlock is like a blessed dam that holds back the flood of tyranny.