Monday, May 12, 2008

Thoughts From the Road

These are just random thoughts that have cropped up in my road-numbed brain as I have been driving. I may expand on some at a later time. I apologize if they are weird:

Cop cars= "Mobile (State) Aggression Units"

I may start posting entries for my future "Museum of Government". First exhibit: "Education".

We passed Virginia Tech today and I was reminded of the victims of the "Hinckler/Cho Massacre". Yet, nothing has changed policywise. Sad.

I had a really good idea (I think) for a cell phone company. Cut me in for a percentage and it is yours.

I now return you to your pre-posted entries....


Texas or Bust

If I post sparsely for a while, it is because of a major change for us. If things have gone as planned, I left the NorthEast this morning to move back to my ancestral stomping-grounds (where I haven't really dwelt much since I was just a small kid). I am hopeful that it goes better than last October's disastrously derailed move.

Since my internet connection is scheduled to be shut off this morning, this is a pre-written post. Can you tell the difference?

A girlfriend, a baby, and a cat may keep me busy even if there is internet access at the motels. If I have other blog ideas before I leave, I will try the "future post" option for them, too. Considering that I am just about to my limit of stress over this move, I may be too distracted to think for a while.

If you see me on the road, wave at me! Or buy me a gallon of gas!

UPDATE: We left a day early, so we are miles farther down the road than we had planned. That is good because the baby is tired of this situation already, so we are not making as many miles per day as I had hoped. I'm getting more blog ideas during the mindless miles.