Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Government is Obsolete

I really like this idea, and I do believe it is true. Technology has made government obsolete now, even if it weren't in the past. Everything that government does either should not be done, or could be done better (and without coercion) with technology wielded by the free market. So why do we still have governments?

Humans cling to obsolete ideas and things long past their usefulness either out of fear of change, nostalgia, ignorance, or expense.

We can decrease the people's fear by showing them that they will not be cast aside when the change happens. They will not lose their place in the world; their status. Those in government work can find honest work easily. Yes, they will then be held to a higher standard and will no longer be allowed to rule over their equals (actually, their former bosses). If they choose to reject becoming honest, they can keep on being aggressors ("freelance" from that time forward) and take their chances of being brought to real justice; something that is denied under government. Or they can move somewhere that the illusion of government has not yet had the light of day shined upon it. After all, that is the suggestion the statists constantly taunt liberty-lovers with: accept it or leave.

Those who cling to statism because of nostalgia may be harder to convince, after all, they are probably seeing government through rose-colored glasses to begin with. They are dreaming the "1950s myths" of the helpful policeman, the noble CIA protecting America from communists, and government knowing "what's best" (even if it means treating some people as second-class humans). These people don't want to see reality. Wake them up and they will fight to regain the dream. We may need to let them sleep as long as possible so as not to frighten them. Maybe a gentle wake-up would work.

Those who cling to statism out of ignorance can be taught. TOLFA is a good place to start, when they are receptive. Another way is to simply live your life with peaceful self-ownership and lead by example into a freer future. Once shown the truth, the previously ignorant can either accept it, or can choose to become nostalgic, or fearful of the coming change. In that case the process begins again.

Those who refuse to let go of the state because of the expense are potentially already on our side. We need to show them that for a nominal investment, the return will be immeasurable. Those who are heavily invested in government schemes, getting rich from the coercion of the state, will not let go of that golden goose easily. They must be viewed as any other thieves are viewed. Getting rid of the vampires of the state, who suck the wealth right out of our nation, will be the best investment in the history of civilization. We will be investing in liberty. In terms of actual monetary return, you are looking at getting rid of an organization that takes money from the productive people, spends it wastefully with huge administrative costs and on things no one wants; an organization that then finds a way to dip into the production at every step along the way; stealing value every time it does. Government's counterfeiting scheme, basing "dollars" on nothing but empty promises of value, has driven the average people to their knees as they work more hours for less purchasing power. Free market solutions will work better, be cheaper, and finally be ethical. Theft is a poor long-term strategy. The return, in terms of non-monetary rewards, will be even greater. Self-ownership, responsibility, and self determination have no price tag.