Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Of Course I'm an Anarchist! Aren't You?

When talking with people, something of a political nature will often come up. Kinda like a bad burrito. My libertarian (what many call "anarchistic") views are sometimes met with disbelief. "You don't really mean you would completely get rid of (government program of discussion), do you?"

"Absolutely! Wouldn't YOU?"

I am opposed to theft, kidnapping, murder, slavery and every other form of aggression. Why would I support the worst offender (as far as organizations go)? Putting the bad guys in charge of "justice" causes chaos. It makes people stop thinking about self-responsibility. Putting average, normally good people, who have no agenda, back in charge of justice causes... well... JUSTICE.

So, of course I'm an anarchist! Aren't you?